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On Eagles' Wings

Cleveland, Ohio
Toronto, Ontario, October 21, 2007
Kitchener, Ontario, May 5/6, 2007
London, Ontario, October 22, 2006
A New Direction
Cleveland, Ohio
Buffalo, October 2009
Building a Simple Display

The old Polish neighbourhood is proud of its history.

Cleveland is a small centre for American Polonia and, as in many large cities, most Polish families have moved to the suburbs, leaving the old Polish neighbourhood with only a few remnants of the culture that once thrived here.
Despite this fact, the old neighbourhood was chosen as the site of the Polish-American Cultural Center of Cleveland. Celebrating all Polish history and culture in the Cleveland area, not just the post-World War Two wave of immigration, the centre is a hub of activity and contains a jewel of a museum which has only just started to form.
If you live anywhere near Cleveland and wish to explore your Polish roots, please give the Center a call and find out how you can participate in your heritage.
Contact information:

6501 Lansing Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44129

Tel: (216) 567-4532