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On Eagles' Wings

Buffalo, October 2009

Toronto, Ontario, October 21, 2007
Kitchener, Ontario, May 5/6, 2007
London, Ontario, October 22, 2006
A New Direction
Cleveland, Ohio
Buffalo, October 2009
Building a Simple Display

Polish Legacy Project: From Poland to Buffalo

The Polish Legacy Project in Buffalo is very similar to On Eagles' Wings in southern Ontario. The children and grandchildren of the Polish survivors of World War Two do not want to see the history forgotten and have taken steps to preserve it.
Founder Andy Golebiowski brought together representatives from each of four generations of immigrants and their descendants and, once a sufficiently large group had coalesced into a movement, he organized the Polish Legacy Conference in Buffalo.
Read all about it and keep up with future events at:
If you live anywhere near Buffalo, please contact Andy Golebiowski at or 716-510-7562 for more information on how to get involved with your Polish heritage.